Schizophonic Sounds

Listen to them dRuMble…

Auralox Info 18 December, 2009

The sound of Auralox is the music of desiring machines. Thousands of interleaved and disconjunct circuits, churning away in their happy heterogeneity, glitching and droning on and off into infinity. You could call it the space-time dance of absence, of difference, of other, of khora, of lacuna. It’s only through these numberless little births and deaths that music gains its life and can begin to affect you emotionally, to change you mentally, and to challenge your expectations of reality. Only then has music lived up to its creative potentiality – its ability to express the linguistically inexpressible. This is the dream that Auralox aspires to. One Auralox listener described his music as such: "It’s like a mildly brain damaged Amon Tobin got a hold of Otto Von Shirak’s old laptop in a Miami thrift store and locked himself in a room with nothing but computer, food, water, and psychedelics." Apt enough of a description, but you’ll have to decide for yourselves – so give Auralox a listen or two and maybe you too will fall in love with his schizophonic sound!

Who: Joshua Sonstroem
(aka One Cow Chillin’, Quoi, Fruit with Gun, and Christian Meth)


  • Audio (dark & glitchy IDM, sound sculpture, mastering)
  • Video (audiovisuals, stop motion, motion graphics)
  • Sculpture (ready-made objects, 3d collage, photography)
  • Text (free verse poetry, short stories)

Where: Currently Santa Cruz, CA; Previously Asheville, NC / Sarasota & Orlando, FL

When: 1997 to present and beyond…

Why: To titilate your aural tastebuds, interest your ocular nerves, and help to change the way we think about the differential intersection of visual art, music and philosophy.


  • Macintosh (Ableton Live, Max/MSP, Logic, Reaktor, Absynth)
  • PC (Fruitty loops, Ableton Live, Wavelab, lots of VST’s)
  • instruments (trombone, thumb piano, lap harp, melodica)
  • hardware (synths, MIDI controlers)
  • vinyl/film/dvd/video

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