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Dittle(s) 3 July, 2010

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Dit•tle |’dit əl| (noun): a hybrid cross between a jingle and a ditty.


Brian Axel to have wordpress blog 2 April, 2010

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Soon to come. Links shortly…


Ustream videotweets and Radioweave soundtweets 19 January, 2010

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AudioTweets now available on auralox radioweave (use on iPhone)

VideoStream now available on auralox ustream (use on iPhone)


FREE Ableton packs y’all might enjoy… 17 January, 2010

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Just some things I dug up while wandering around.

Various Music: ableton/plugins/samples
Richard Devine Sample Site
Percussion Lab Sample Site
Rhythm-lab Sample Site/
Covert Operators Ableton Packs
Chippan Fire Software
i am a laser
Rekkerd Loops
Tamboodle’s Music Blog (see the post about Boreta’s Dubspot Ableton Demo)
Speed of Sound
Music Software Training Company
Tarekith Ableton Effects
Track Team Audio
Dave Pensado Plugins
Ryan Gruss Loops
Dubspot Dubstep Bass Demo
Free Sound Sample Archive
Free-Loops Sample Archive
Ill Gates Site – check out the dj template stuff
Maison Pop
Girl Audio Software
LeafCutterJohn Max/MSP info
Sample Swap Archive ~ SICK! ~
Sound Snap Sample Site
Loop Cache Sample Archive
Big Blue Lounge
Cover Pop – Whitney Music Box – Check it out! Strange Visual Music generator…
DB audio Plugins
PSP Audioware
JX Plugins
Sonic State
Electric Himalaya
Odd Music Blog
Creative Allies Crowd-sourcing Site (CHECK IT OUT!!!)
Sound Bible Sample Archive

San Francisco places:
The Audium
1616 Bush St. (@ Franklin)
San Francisco, CA
Audium Website

The Dreaming Room
245 Columbus Ave
San Francisco, CA
Dreaming Room Review on Yelp

Haunting images:
Most Alien Places on Earth

Music Related iPhone Apps:
Intua BeatMaker

Torrent Tech

Hardware: controllerism/circuit~bending/devices
Eigen Labs Alpha Instrument
Loop-R Hardware A/V controller
100 Milligrams Strange Stuff

HTML: javascript/flash
Flash MP-3 player


Anatomy of Japanese Folk Monsters 10 January, 2010

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Strange, haunting, beautiful… trust me: you’ll like it.


Hear the sounds dRuMble… 18 December, 2009

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Listen to the schizophonic sounds of auralox @!